Graphene composites for architecture

Graphene has several properties that make it an ideal additive for many building materials, mainly for sustainable or bioclimatic architecture.


Thermal conductive mortars based on graphene

In Nanocarbonoids we produce special graphene-based mortars that take advantage of the excellent thermal conductivity and the high specific area of graphene. These mortars are specifically formulated to conduct heat in a very efficient way, which allows to significantly reduce the energy costs in the air conditioning of a building.


Graphene for sustainable architecture

By combining the excellent electrical and thermal conductivities of graphene and carbon nanotubes, our R&D team (link a su sección) is developing a new concept of radiant air conditioning that can be maintained at a comfortable temperature by renewable energies, in order to achieve completely self-sustainable housing or buildings energetically and with zero polluting emissions.

If you want more information about these or other graphene-based technologies that Nanocarbonoids develop for architecture, please to contact us.

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